Building the Ghetto rig – part 3

So we had four cards up and running in the Ghetto rig. We were short a PSU with sufficient PCI-E ports to connect the final two, but recently we got a hold of the cables that made it possible to switch out a Corsair HX1050 from one of our gaming rigs. Then we could connect the last two cards and it eased our worries that a 750W PSU couldn’t handle the stress very well.

new psu

new Corsair hx1050 PSU

new psu in place

new HX1050 PSU in place

We also got two more case fans to drive out the heat from between the two new cards as we did with the ones that were already mounted.

6 cards mounted

6×1060 mounted on board with new case fans

Easy peasy, six cards up and running. When mining with all six 1060s we only use 591 W from the wall!

drawing 591W

Using 591 W of power from the wall while mining with 6×1060

..and we are hitting 130 MH/s, maxing out at 60 C per card.

mining with 6x1060

Mining with 6×1060 using Claymore and reaching 130 MH/s

Since the cards where not standing up by them selves very well we screwed each card to the board.

stabilized gpus

GPUs stabilized by extra screw

And that’s it! The rig is complete. It’s quite portable, somewhat modular, less power consuming than we initially thought and now it remains to be seen if it’s profitable. We are aware that we started this project late into the mining craze and right now profitability mainly depends on the future price of ETH. I hope to follow up with a post on the economics once we have enough real life data on power costs and ether yield.